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Divorce Planning

Myles is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™. He is also a member of various professional groups devoted to helping people go through their divorce, including but not limited to, NADP ( and IACP ( With his focused training, Myles helps people analyze their current situation and to formulate a game plan on how to accomplish a fair divorce outcome. He works closely with your attorney and accountant to help you achieve your desired outcome. Myles has been a guest speaker at Second Saturday Boca Raton divorce workshops since 2017 (

Divorces can cost tens of thousands of dollars. We have seen many divorces cost over $100,000. We highly encourage divorcees to put aside their differences and try to work on a reasonable settlement so that the goal can be achieved as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Keep in mind that the typical divorce attorney charges over $400 per hour, per person. They also usually require retainers in excess of $10,000 each person.

In order to help keep the total costs down, we highly recommend that you seek out Myles’ services first, so that you have a roadmap to follow and can navigate your divorce with your attorney based on reasonable goals.

Divorce services include:

  • Hourly fee based advice
  • Financial analysis
  • Strategy planning
  • Equitable Distribution planning (dividing/allocating assets)
  • Post nuptial planning
  • Pre nuptial planning
  • Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) review to help avoid costly “modifications” down the road
  • Help you implement MSA items so you don’t forget as time goes on
  • Setting up new accounts to receive assets
  • Investment advice and management
  • Obtaining new life insurance to securitize Alimony or Child Support
  • Obtaining new health insurance
  • Budgeting and lifestyle choices
  • Retirement income planning
  • Prepare Financial Affidavits
  • Calculate Child Support and Alimony

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